Best Places to See Autumn Foliage at Lake Como

Are you at Lake Como and are looking for the best places for Autumn foliage? We have selected the best spots for you

At Lake Como for You we love when summer starts fading into fall, the lake starts going at a slower pace while tree leaves change in all shades of yellow, orange and red, turning landscapes into marvellous bursts of rainbow. For those of you who love fall as much as I do, here is a list of incredible easy walks in the woods where you can experience the sound of leaves under your feet while admiring the stunning view of Lake Como and its surroundings.

1. Sentiero del Viandante

The Wayfarer’s trail is an ancient mule track, dating back to the Roman period. It  runs along the eastern coast of Lake Como, from Lecco to Piantedo, for 45+ km.

The views from here are incredible every day of the year but the chestnuts and beech woods bring out their best in fall, when green trees take on burnt orange, lemon yellow and crimson red hues. If you are travelling with kids a bit of fun picking chestnuts! 

This walk is usually divided into sections with incredible views, hands down Varenna – Bellano is our favorite leg. During this nice walk in the woods guided by our expert local guide you’ll get the chance to taste local delicacies, ask us and we’ll get you tickets to visit the Vezio Castle and the stunning Orrido di Bellano. And if you come in the Fall months you might even get to see the olive harvest! Book now your day with us walking the “Sentiero del Viandante Hike” 

Sentiero del Viandate Hike Tour

2. Torno – Montepiatto

Just like its twin “Sentiero del Viandante” the “Strada Regia”, is a panoramic mountainside path winding through chestnut woods and characteristic villages, the ancient way of connection between Como and Bellagio (32 km). 

During autumn our Torno-Montepiatto tour is even more stunning and it will allow you to enjoy Fall foliage from the lake as the tour starts with an unforgettable 30 minutes cruise of the lake to reach the beautiful village of Torno, where we will start our trekking. Book now your day with us walking the “Torno-Montepiatto Hike” 

Torno-Montepiatto Hike Tour

3. Valtellina and & Engadin

Those of you who have followed us for some time know that we make it our mission to find unique, wonderful spots on Lake Como & Beyond… So we searched for more fall magic in Lake Como’s nearby areas? Well…we found it! Valtellina and bordering Engadin (Switzerland). Already one of our favorite locations for winter tours with the Valtellina & Bernina Day Trip to St. Moritz they are stunning even in Autumn. 

September and October are the ideal months to experience the Vendemmia (Grape Harvest) in Valtellina and enjoy the transition from summer to autumn while tasting some delicacies and great wine with our Valtellina Wine Tasting Tour.

But if you are a true Foliage Fan you NEED TO have a walk in the stunning woods that border with Switzerland. Here you can spend one or more days soaking in the charm of autumn, ask us for a bespoke trip an pick one or more of these unique experiences:

  • Walk on “Ponte nel Cielo” a bridge suspended over Val Tartano;
  • Visit Bormio and/or Livigno and relax at the historical Thermal Baths;
  • Eat Pizzoccheri, sciatt and other delicious local food paired with a good glass of Red Wine, or ask us for a Michelin Starred meal deeply rooted in local traditions;
  • Enjoy an easy walk in the woods of Cavloc lake, Val Roseg or around the Lakes of Sils and Silvaplana.

Remember that we are here to design incredible experiences for you all year round!


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