Discovering Lake Como with e-bikes

Discovering Lake Como with E-bikes is a wonderful experience! With an e-bike, sport and activity travel is now a possibility for anyone who can ride a traditional bike.

Riding an e-bike is like riding a normal bicycle, but easier

When going downhill or riding on flat surfaces on an e-bike, it feels the same as a traditional bicycle. The difference is notable (and greatly appreciated) when riding uphill or against headwinds. It’s as if you have an extra push. A common preconception of the e-bike is that you don’t have to pedal. Contrary to common belief, an e-bike is not a bicycle that turns into a scooter. Sorry to burst your bubble – but yes, you must pedal.  You still get good exercise when using an e-bike. With electrically assisted pedaling, cycling becomes more fluid and the effort is minimized. Even the laziest of us can get up a steep incline.

An e-bike makes pedaling easier, but you still get good exercise
An e-bike makes pedaling easier, but you still get good exercise


E-bikes Support Sustainable Tourism

E is for electric but also ecological. With increased interest and awareness for the environment, e-bikes are becoming an important contribution to sustainable tourism and lifestyle. A global e-bike boom tells us that the future of transportation is in the making. Congested city centers and the increased costs of fossil fuels are encouraging more and more people to turn to e-biking. According to Forbes the worldwide forecast for e-bike sales is estimated to reach up to 40 million units by 2023.

With this new lifestyle trend, tourism is also changing. Travelers that already use e-bikes are looking for e-bike rentals and excursions. Curious tourists that are interested in new experiences are booking cultural activity tours. Destinations that were once difficult to explore, can now be discovered on an e-bike, bringing economic and social benefits to the local communities.

Slow Food and Fast Pedaling

An e-bike is a fantastic way to discover Lake Como. The narrow lanes and backstreet shortcuts let you experience the area in a new, exciting way.

We have created three e-bike and food itineraries here on Lake Como.  The rolling terraced hills of Montevecchia and upper-hamlets of Bellagio and Lecco can easily be explored with our expert guides and an e-bike! We’ll take you along hidden roads to secret spots that only the locals know.

Bellagio Bike & Eat Tour

The Bellagio Bike & Eat Tour brings you through the ancient hamlets and through the town of Bellagio. You will discover shortcuts through the cobblestoned streets and see a 360° view of Lake Como from the upper hillside. A stop at a local “bottega” for wine and cheese tasting is the perfect reward. Afterward, enjoy a leisurely visit to the Villa Melzi gardens overlooking the crystalline blue waters of the lake.

Bike & Wine Tasting Tour

The Bike & Wine Tasting Tour is 4 hours of pure pleasure and charm. We shall meet up in Lecco and transfer to the heart of the green Brianza area to enjoy the quiet bicycle trails and vineyard of scenic Montevecchia. A visit to a boutique winery where you will meet the owners who will teach you about the fine art of winemaking and let us taste the delicious “Brigante” served with local gourmet specialties.

On a visit to a boutique winery you will learn about the art of wine making
On a visit to a boutique winery, you will learn about the art of winemaking

Lecco Bike & Eat Tour

Lecco Bike & Eat Tour shows you around the beautiful lakeside city of Lecco and the nearby villages of Lake Como and Lake Garlate. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy panoramic views of the lakes and surrounding mountains. A local farmhouse will invite us in for a tasting of local wine and delicacies.

Lecco bike tour
Lecco bike tour

Jump on the saddle and join us in discovering Lake Como, Italy! It’s easy with an e-bike!

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  1. We went around Lake Como with e-bikes and it was the best thing I did there! Very beautiful and always looking forward to the time I get to this again. Your post is insightful and I hope this helps other tourists who are still working on their itineraries.

  2. Lecco Bike & Eat Tour shows you around the beautiful lakeside city of Lecco and the nearby villages of Lake Como and Lake Garlate. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy panoramic views of the lakes and surrounding mountains. A local farmhouse will invite us in for a tasting of local wine and delicacies.

  3. You made a good point when you discussed that electric bicycles are a perfect instrument for a sustainable lifestyle. My sister wants to use an electric bicycle when going to work. I should advise her to go for it to help save the earth.

  4. Detailed information about the e-bike tour, including the route, difficulty level, and duration is provided in the post. The blog also shares stunning pictures of the area and provides useful tips for those who wish to try the tour on their own.

  5. I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog, and I find your explanation of how e-bikes feel like regular bicycles whether coasting downhill or traveling through flat terrain to be really insightful. The difference is especially noticeable when confronted by headwinds or a steep incline. You feel like you have an added boost. The idea that an e-bike may be ridden without pedaling is widespread. It’s great that so much information that can help us all is readily available.

  6. “Wow, what an exhilarating adventure reading about ‘Discovering Lake Como with E-Bikes’ was! This blog beautifully captures the essence of an unforgettable journey through the picturesque landscapes of Lake Como, all made possible by the incredible power of e-bikes. The vivid descriptions and stunning imagery transport the reader right into the heart of the experience, evoking a strong desire to embark on a similar adventure. The author’s enthusiasm for the region and passion for eco-friendly travel shine through, making it an inspiring read for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. From quaint villages to breathtaking viewpoints, the blog showcases the hidden gems and charms of Lake Como, all while promoting sustainable tourism. This is a must-read for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while embracing a greener way to explore the world. Truly an exceptional piece that left me craving for my own e-bike escapade at Lake Como!”

  7. Lake Como is a picturesque destination, and this blog post explores how e-bikes can enhance the experience of exploring the region. It promotes eco-friendly travel and provides insights into the scenic beauty of Lake Como.

  8. What a delightful read! Discovering Lake Como on e-bikes seems like a perfect blend of adventure and ease, making the scenic beauty accessible to many. I love the idea of combining physical activity with ecological travel. The food and wine tours sound particularly tempting, offering a unique way to explore the local culture and landscapes. Would love to see more on how these tours impact the local communities and the environment. Keep up the great work!

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