Discovering the World through Food

Food culture is about values, traditions and beliefs. A food tour with a local guide who brings you to local producers and landmarks will teach you about the culture, traditions and history.

Travelling is probably the one addictive substance that is good for you. Once you try it, you want to do it again and again. It drives you to search out new destinations, piquing your curiosity to read about people in faraway lands, and perhaps even sparks your interest in learning a new language.

The benefits of travel are not only limited to cultural enrichment. Many studies and articles site the health benefits of travel;

  • the extra activity you do on a walking tour or a day of cycling are great for your heart
  • by being distanced from daily work and responsibilities, travel relieves stress and boosts mental health
  • after new experiences, creativity and clear thinking are enhanced.

Sensory experiences like listening to music, jumping in a freezing cold ocean, seeing a colorful natural landscape and tasting local spices and delicacies are saved as memories.

Jumping Lake

Foods in particular, can bring back powerful memories and a sense of well-being.

Author Mark Kurlansky wrote “Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of culture.”

While international foods are now easy to find worldwide, there is nothing like finding the un-exported delicacy of a region and trying it there on the spot.

You will most likely not find Catalan Xató on the shelves of your supermarket, and your nearest sushi restaurant won’t tell you if they have a bottle of Umeshu. No doubt, you will certainly have a very hard time finding Missultin with polenta at your favorite Italian Deli.

Culture is about values, traditions and beliefs. A dish or drink can be more than nutrient, it can hold meaning, it becomes food culture.

Catalan Xató is a hazelnut and almond sauce used on fish and salads, but it is a recipe of family pride and heritage. Annual neighborhood Xató contests are held and the winner proudly displays a stone plaque on the house.
For centuries the Wakayama province has been producing Japanese Umeshu a liquor made with Ume, a distant relative of the plum, has represented protection and vitality due to its medicinal properties.
​Lake Como has its specialty too. Missultin fish, which are abundant during the summer months, have been on the tables of Lombardy since medieval times. Today, there are only a few fishmongers that preserve the traditional preparation, making it a delicacy worth experiencing.

Here’s how we can help when you come to visit Lake Como!

A food tour with a local guide who brings you to local producers and landmarks will teach you about our culture, traditions and history. We’ll not only show you our towns, villages and stunning landscape, we’ll teach you about who we are through our favorite dishes.

Missultin is a specialty from Lake Como. Found in our crystalline waters, the small freshwater agon fish are cured and served with corn polenta. It’s a myth that only white wine goes well with fish; here we drink rich red wines grown by our northern neighbors of the Valtellina region. A selection of cheeses from the same valley, are the perfect way to finish off any meal.

Polenta and Misultin

​Lombard cuisine is made up of both land and lake. Fresh fish, homegrown vegetables, free range poultry and meats as well as locally produced olive oil and dairy products. We believe in creating zero kilometer food tours. We will even introduce you to some of the people making it happen and teach you to cook.

Getting to know your choice destination through food is more than a travel experience. It’s something that stays with you. It’s a way of sharing humanity and learning to understand world culture.

We look forward to showing you our culture through food! ​​



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