Hiking the Larian Triangle with love

Hiking the “Strada Regia” trail from Torno to Montepiatto in the Larian Triangle Mountains of Lake Como is an incredible experience. This moderate-level hike is safe and scenic with our professional mountain guide.

Lario, the ancient name of Lake Como, sits at the foot of the pre-Alps mountain range. The lake is flanked on both sides by tall rock masses, which handsomely reflect their magnificence in the mirror-smooth water of the lake.

hiking larian triangle

The Adda River and the Mera River feed the lake from the Swiss Alps. Thousands of years of erosion and pre-historic glacial melting pushed the rock masses, forcing them to form Lake Como’s distinctive inverted Y shape. At the point where the main branch splits, the elevated mass of land between the two branches of Lake Como is called the Larian Triangle.

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All throughout the mountain ranges of this area, there are trails, ancient merchant routes and even old mule paths once used by smugglers and partisans during wartime leading hikers through the woods to plateaus offering remarkable views.

While many itineraries of the Larian Triangle and the other nearby mountain ranges are for experienced rock climbers and hikers, we have created a moderate-level hiking experience for the traveler looking to connect with nature and take in the beauty of the Lake Como region from a (literally) higher perspective.

Francesca Mai Hiking Guide Lakecomo

Francesca is our local mountain guide. Certified in 2012 as a Mid-Mountain Guide and enrolled in the Board of Mountain Guides of the Lombardy Region, in 2016 it became her full-time profession and mission. Along with two other colleagues, she decided that there was no better job than sharing her experience and home territory with visitors.
“The best thing about this job is the contact with people. I have direct contact with different cultures. It deeply moves me every time I see the expression of joy on their faces when they take in the views of my native land. This job is a true pleasure.”

Mountaineering is not just a job for Francesca, it’s her hobby too. She’s also a competitive trail runner with outstanding results in both national and international events.
Francesca’s love for the mountains was passed down from her parents. “I started walking with my family in the beautiful mountains of the Lake Como area when I was a little baby. I’ve been falling in love ever since! Now, I have a deep knowledge of the mountains around Lake Como as well as its local traditions and history.”

When asked “How would you describe the mountain if it were human?” She thoughtfully replied, “The mountain is an old sage. It personifies wisdom. It would be a person of great value, knowledge and history. Someone who deserves the utmost respect.”



The Torno-Montepiatto Hike departs from Como starting with a private boat ride to the charming town of Torno where ancient lanes through the old town will lead us to the trail toward Piazzagga and the area of the Massi Avelli. The Massi Avelli are ancient burial tombs, possibly of Celtic origin and certainly pre-Goth and Byzantine. Proceeding uphill along a mule path, the trail passes fields and farmhouses offering infinite panoramic views of the lake. We will visit the ancient church of St. Elizabeth and stop to take photos of the curious Pietra Pendula, a huge boulder seemingly precariously suspended on the apex of limestone rock.

Here we will snack on some delicious local tastings: salame, cheeses, locally grown vegetables accompanied by bread and finish with a sweet treat.

The descent is easy and pleasant. With our expert guide, it is a safe, scenic walk, suitable for almost everyone, even for families with children.

We invite you to join us for a day immersed in nature and tranquillity.

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