How to choose where to stay at Lake Como

Most of the emails we receive ask us “Is it better to stay in Bellagio or somewhere else on Lake Como?” we generally reply “IT DEPENDS!”. 

Then we ask a series of questions to better advise on where you should stay at Lake Como: 

  • What do you love to do during a vacation? Keeping active, go to museums, be in nature, relax, eat like a local or all of the above?
  • What do you expect from your stay at Lake Como? Luxury or adventure? Art or Nature?
  • How long are you staying, and what would you like to visit beyond Lake Como?
  • Are you a family with small children or teens, a couple looking for romance or a group of friends?
  • And…. last but not least, are you here celebrating a special occasion?

These might seem like a lot of questions but they are at the core of how we do our job and how we successfully create amazing bespoke experiences for our clients – learn more on how we work.

So where to stay at Lake Como? Keeping in mind that Lake Como Area is not extremely vast and no matter where you are staying you can visit the classic must sees in a day trip, we sincerely think that this Italian corner is wonderful in its entirety so that the best area to stay in Lake Como truly is defined by who is visiting it! Following are some tips on how to choose where to stay at Lake Como

The four areas we will discuss in this post

COMO AREA: a timeless classic

When deciding where to stay on Lake Como, most tourists end up looking for hotels in Como, as they figure that is the town the lake is named after… It is by all means a beautiful town to use as a home base during your stay, and these are the main reasons why:

  • It’s the classic choice: Como has been a popular tourists and luxury destination for centuries and it shows! Just walking around its historical center is full of surprises. Start form piazza Duomo, look up to discover all the magnificent details and breath in the magic of century of history… then get lost in the small alleys and the avenues with fancy boutiques and inviting deli shops.
    Learn all about this city with our Como Food Tour an authentic experience lead by a local guide.
  • Luxury destination and experiences: the Silk City (as Como is called by locals) is well known for its impeccable hospitality. Enjoy the luxury this city has to offer as it has been done for centuries: luxury shopping, fine dining and the best hotels you may wish for. Experience luxury with our: Como Silk Tie Experience
  • Perfect for a northern lake tour: Como is very close to Milan, Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano (bordering Switzerland), perfect destinations for a day trip.

Click here are our tours departing from Como


BELLAGIO AREA: relax and luxury

Is it better to stay in Bellagio or somewhere else on Lake Como? There is no better place than the central lake area if you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Como with its lush gardens and stunning villas. So yes, it is better to stay in Bellagio if:

  • You want to vacation in a wonderful small hamlet… Just pick one: Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, Lenno or Tremezzo to name a few;
  • You simply want to experience lake luxury and relaxed life as it has been done on this lake since the 1600’s… Just have your pick of the best hotels – here is a list of 6 unexpected hotels in Lake Como
  • You want to spend as much time on the water as possible, either on a floating pool, on a sunbed at a fancy Lido, walking or biking by the lake or on a private boat tour! Just pick here your activity of choice!

Here you can find all our tours departing the central lake area.


LECCO AREA: for the nature lover

Nestled between mountains and lake, Lecco is the less known and less touristy sister of Como. This is where Lake Como For You was born and my home town! Here are the 3 reasons why we think this is the best area to stay in Lake Como if you love nature, mountains in particular:

  • Surrounded by stunning peeks: Lecco was and still is home to several climbing and alpineering pioneers. It is perfect for climbers, sky runners, hikers and just in general mountain lovers with its incredible views and wonderful hikes. And don’t worry you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy Lecco as there are walks for every level! There is even a cableway taking you to a panoramic view of the city, Mt. Resegone and – on a clear day – the Alps!
  • Well Connected with public transport: the main train line connects Milan (in just 40 min) to Lecco, many Lake Hamlets as Varenna and Bellano to Valtellina with the last stop being Tirano, where you could board the red Bernina Express Train. But it is also connected to Valsassina, Bergamo, Monza, Brescia and Franciacorta, where you could taste some amazing wines!
  • Less Touristy: up until a few decades ago, Lecco was mainly an industrial town, most of these factories have moved to Brianza  (a more spacious area) as they have grown in size so Lecco turned a new leaf becoming more and more a great spot for tourists who want to experience life on Lake como as a local!

Learn more by clicking here, and be inspired by our tours around Lecco!


NORTHERN LAKE AREA: sports lover’s paradise!

Finally, what is the best area to stay in Lake Como if you love watersports and want to explore nature even more unexpected areas beyond Lake Como? Well it is definitely the northern part  with Dongo, Colico and Dervio and this is why:

  • Water and Wind sports paradise: here every day is a good day to windsurf, kite surf or wakeboard with many spots where to rent gear and learn! Also the beaches are wider and longer.
  • Very close to Valtellina: making it a good home base if you want to do one or more day trips to this area with its rewarding hikes, hearty food and excellent wine. Take a Valtellina Wine Tasting  Tour with us,enjoy the train ride on a Valtellina & Bernina Express Luxury Tour or ask us for a Bespoke tour that include a stay in the charming towns of Bormio – with its natural hot spring – and Livigno or towards Engadin in bordering Switzerland!

So where to stay at Lake Como?  Hopefully, we gave you some good advice with this brief guide. Contact us through social media (we are on Instagram and Facebook) if you need suggestions on what to do while you are here or where to eat or drink. 

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