Lake Como recipe: spaghetti with summer figs and red bell peppers

Italian pasta is worldwide famous but these summer spaghetti with red bell peppers, juicy figs and just a hint of chili is still a best kept secret.

​This week we want to share the recipe with you!

For two persons you will need about 200 g Italian spaghetti, one large bell pepper, 4-5 mature figs and one garlic clove.

Begin removing the innards and seeds from the bell pepper, then cut it into strips. Pour some olive oil – a coupla tablespoons – into a skillet and heat it: when it’s hot stir fry the peeled garlic clove, then add the bell pepper. Cook on medium heat until the bell pepper will be caramelized.

Aside, fill a large tall pot with water, add a tablespoon of salt and heat it until it boils: to cook your spaghetti al dente drop them in the boiling water, stir them a coupla times during the first two minutes – to avoid sticking!- and drain them one minute earlier.

Two minutes before your pasta is cooked add the peeled and diced figs to the bell peppers skillet, then season  with some crushed chili and salt. Now your pasta should be perfectly cooked: add it to the skillet, stir it and serve it quickly – you don’t want it to be overcooked!


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Buon appetito from Lake Como!



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