How to choose where to stay in Lake Como
How to choose where to stay at Lake Como? Bellagio, Como, Varenna? Read this article to find out our suggestions.
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Lake Como in winter
Don’t overlook visiting Lake Como in the winter, there is a completely different aspect of Lake Como to discover from November to February. 1. Snow Capped Alps The absolute 1° reason to come to Lake Como during the winter months of November, December and January, is to see the snow-peaked mountaintops of the Alps. The...
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hiking larian triangle
Hiking the “Strada Regia” trail from Torno to Montepiatto in the Larian Triangle Mountains of Lake Como is an incredible experience. This moderate-level hike is safe and scenic with our professional mountain guide. Lario, the ancient name of Lake Como, sits at the foot of the pre-Alps mountain range. The lake is flanked on both...
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Tour guide Giusy Lucini
Confessions of a Lake Como Tour Guide The work of a tour guide is intense and non-stop. It takes a special person with a charismatic personality to be a tour guide. They have to be entertaining, knowledgeable, patient, diplomatic and expert problem-solvers. A tour guide not only represents the tour company, but they are ambassadors...
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Lake Como pier
Perhaps it’s obvious to say, but the main reason you should visit Lake Como is for its beauty. Let us suggest you a trip to discover Lake Como. ​ We’ve all seen travel magazines and tv shows featuring beautiful villas and gardens, luxury hotels with silk linens and shimmering turquoise swimming pools. We’ve seen the...
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traditional food from Lake Como
Traditional food from Lake Como offers a variety of delicious freshwater fish as pike, tench, eel, carp and trout. Tradition teaches us how to preserve it without the need of a refrigerator. Our favourite method is known as “in carpione“: it means preserving fish (pesce, in Italian) by cooking and then marinating it. Pesce in...
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wedding proposal
Marriage talk! Making a proposal isn’t an easy decision. Once you make that beautiful decision, in addition to the words to use, the place that you choose to ask for your partner’s hand plays a crucial role. Are there places where everyone dreams of being in this most special moment? ​Some people, because of their...
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