Where to eat the best pastries in Lecco

“There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts.” – Gail Simmons

Italian breakfast

I was in Lecco last week and as I usually do when travelling, I searched on tripadvisor for a place to rest and enjoy a warm cappuccino. I stumbled on this review :

“The best croissant tasted in my life. Either with custard,  vegan or made with whole grain, emmer or hemp flour. They are all very good as they are spectacular the various handmade desserts like marron glace the “pane dei morti” (bread of the dead) and various other delicious gourmet sweets.”

I HAD to try it! I love croissants and my favourite treat on a cold fall morning is getting a whole butter, apricot filed warm and fragrant croissant dipped in a hot cappuccino with cocoa powder sprinkled on the top of the milk foam. Yummy! This is my equivalent of a coffee shop paradise!

​So when I entered the bright Pasticceria and was surrounded by  the aroma of fresh, just baked pastry, I inhaled deeply closing my eyes with pure bliss. Everyone is so kind and friendly, the view of the lake is breathtaking and you can rest and enjoy your cappuccino, torta or biscotti in a nice, heated veranda outside.

Well, have you got a sweet tooth too? If yes, this is one of the best place in Lecco and towns nearby. And even if you are not crazy about sweets la Pasticceria is great place to shop for a gift  for your friends and loved ones. For over three generations, the mission of Pasticceria Pontiggia has been to satisfy the taste of its customers with a wide range of products ranging from sweet to savory confectionery.

​What makes their products mouthwatering and unresistable? Well the answer lies in the raw products used  and in the passion, dedication  and their expertise. They have very efficiently conserved the art of pastry making and united it with the modern technology to obtain the best products.

If you ask the locals they would tell you that this shop is a synonym for genuineness and fragrance. It has become the place where one can satisfy their craving for sweet, rest, enjoy the lake and have a nice and tranquil time with friends. They prepare sweets for special occasions and with their perfect beautiful sweets they make your occasion even sweeter.

Next time when you come to Lecco, stop by and enjoy paradise!



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