Where to stay at Lake Como

The best 6 unexpected hotels in Lake Como

You have booked your next holiday to the Italian Lake region but you are wondering where to stay at Lake Como?
Lake Como’s luxury hospitality has a long tradition deeply rooted in history as the lake was an essential stop of the “Grand Tour”, an educational – coming of age – rite of passage undertaken by young noblemen and intellectuals of the time. During the 18th and 19th century the lake became an even more fashionable destination to visit, well appreciated for its healthy air and its unique landscapes. Villas in the Lake Como area were built with amazing gardens and parks, home for the rich families and made to impress the famous guests coming from all over Europe.

Thanks to its past, Lake Como offers several top hotels and Villas for a luxury stay. How to choose the best for you? Here is our selection of 6 unexpected hotels at Lake Como, as you know, we work and often visit them so can guarantee and attest to their excellence:

Villa Cipressi in Varenna

A true fairytale Villa where elves and fairies play in the magical and outstanding garden.

This fabulous place is rich in history and was built in stages between 1400 and 1800. Completely remodeled in 2018, Villa Cipressi offers the comfort, elegance and charm of one of the most beautiful historic Villas on Como Lake.

Why choose Villa Cipressi:

  • Directly facing the lake, it provides a breathtaking view of Bellagio and the central part of the lake
  • Varenna is an authentic pearl of the Lake, with its picturesque houses,narrow streets and steep stairs.
  • Its Botanical Garden is a unique beauty, a real gem that tells the biodiversity of each area of ​​the country, a mix of contemporary architecture and ancient gardens.

Royal Victoria in Varenna

The hotel Royal Victoria is a tribute to Queen Victoria of England who stayed here, in 1838, when the old filanda became a hotel.

Other important figures have staied there and Charles Gounod, famous musician and composer, was inspired by the contemplation of sunsets on the lake from one of the hotel’s rooms.
The elegance and romance of a 19th century building and the charm of the enchanting Lake of Como in a suggestive medieval hamlet, where history, culture, art and nature are all around you.

Why choose Royal Victoria:

  • Varenna is an authentic pearl of the Lake, with its picturesque houses,narrow streets and steep stairs.
  • The archway facing the lake is one of our favourite romantic spots, perfect for a romantic dinner or aperitivo
  • It’s the only hotel in Varenna with a swimming pool, with a view on the lake that will enchant you

Grand Hotel Victoria in Menaggio

A place where past and present meet on Lake Como, inspired by the surrounding mountains.

This late 19th century liberty neo classical masterpiece aims to enhance and celebrate art concepts and Made in Italy. Completely renovated, it has been enriched with beautiful gardens and relaxing areas.
Are you seeking exclusive beauty and taste, charme and relaxation? This is your place!

Why choose Grand Hotel Victoria:

  • Top class services with a lake view restaurant and a design gourmet restaurant that offers refined and surprising cuisine
  • Menaggio is a corner of Paradise on Lake Como with breathtaking views of the lake and its mountains
  • Its exclusive Spa

Villa Lario Resort in Mandello

Surrounded by the charming landscape of Lake Como, Villa Lario Resort Mandello offers discreet and elegant hospitality with its seven luxury suites, nestled in a large private park.

This Luxury hotel is in Mandello, a less touristy and crowded town still a real gem of Lake Como. Villa Lario Resort is the perfect setting for weddings, public and private events, the staff and executive chef will make sure to make your event an unforgettable affair.

Why choose Grand Hotel Victoria:

  • The restaurant where executive chef Luca Mozzanica will make your dinner an unforgettable gourmet experience!
  • The swimming pool, the lake-front terrace, the natural caves and the view on Lombardy mountains complete the exclusive and sophisticated ambiance.
  • The luxury of a historic residence with all the top services: a stunning park, the heliport, the pool, top rated cuisine, and total privacy.

Hotel Belvedere in Bellagio

In 1880, one woman dreamt of a perfect lakeside retreat above the bustle of Bellagio.

Since then, five generations of mother and daughter have – with determination and love – perfected, protected and passed down this dream. This family owned hotel is a pearl, a luxury stay where you can feel at home. Italy’s world-renowned flair for design and luxury living is showcased in every room. While modern conveniences will make your life simple, Italian-made furnishings and artefacts will transport you to an era of traditional excellence.

Why choose Hotel Belvedere:

  • It’s a luxury lakeside paradise with a warm family welcome
  • Outdoor pool and Jacuzzi with unbeatable views of the lake
  • A short step away from of Bellagio’s centre

Grand Hotel Imperiale in Moltrasio

Grand Hotel Imperiale has the charm of a great historic residence which faces the lake and matches the magic of a landscape unique in the world.

A place cherished by poets and writers who have celebrated its tranquillity. If you are a food lover, you can find here a tasty range of culinary options with 2 restaurants and 2 bars: from refined gourmet proposals to the best interpretation of Italian cuisine.

Why choose Grand Hotel Imperiale:

  • The little temple in the lakeside garden is a very special place where to cherish a private moment with a loved one
  • The lakeside swimming pool, with its direct access to the lake for boat excursions and water-skiing.
  • Breathtaking views: from the promontory of Torno to the lake towards Como

What to do while at Lake Como besides relaxing in these amazing locations? Well, we are here to design incredible experiences for you:


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