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We strongly believe that “Lake Como is FOR YOU”. Ranging from exceptional food and wine, to culture and art without neglecting those who love to be active during their vacation our offer is the perfect starting point as it is varied and inclusive of everything our lake has to give!

And don’t forget! We are here to help you make your stay unforgettable with our custom-made itineraries!

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72h free cancellation for shared tours and 15 days in case of private tours.
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Authentic experiences tailored by local experts. We select truly local and professional suppliers  with whom we keep a daily and personal relationship.


Private or XSmall shared group activities, to show you the classic and the unexpected of Lake Como.
Ask for our bespoke services for a personal experience.


Our experts are here for you! We can support arranging all aspects of your experience and are available for any troubleshooting along the way.

Our mission is to continually seek out and share unique quality experiences at Lake Como and surrounding areas.

Following our passions, we strive to become experts at making people feel at home in each neighborhood they explore. We are committed to offering a top level of service and assistance to each guest we come in touch with.

Laura Sanvito Founder

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and support local businesses

All members of our team have a significant experience in the travel business and we operate through Lake Como For You, which is a fully licensed tour operating company.

We select local and professional suppliers and keep a daily, personal relationship with them.
The people working with us are a group of passionate and certified guides with years of tour-leading experience. Each of our professional guides will bring something special to your adventure, they are extremely proud to share their knowledge and discoveries with you.

We work very closely and have a personal relationship with each and every shop and restaurant on each of our tours. Our business is based on respect for these establishments and their staff, respect for the neighborhoods we tour in. Since we seek out the ‘best of the best’ in each neighborhood, it is then our pleasure to support these local businesses and mostly, it is our joy to share them with you. In a world where small businesses are finding it difficult to survive against the large distribution supermarkets, we think it is fundamental to maintain what we consider an important part of our heritage.

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Laura Sanvito


I founded my company in 2013 after leaving a career in investment banking: I needed to refocus. I moved back in Lecco one of the many cities in the region where one can take advantage its “town life” and close relationships. It’s a magical place as people don’t just live in it but they LIVE IT by skiing or hiking in the nearby mountains while enjoying the wonderful lake views and by taking refreshing dives in the Lake waters.

As true native of Lake Como, with a passion for authenticity I was the first to introduce experiential tourism in Lake Como creating tours that are both informative and memorable. What I love about tourism and being a woman entrepreneur in this industry is that Tourism is full of successful women. When I sit with my team to brainstorm, when I chat on Whatsapp with our tour guides, when I discuss a new product with a local farmer, 99% of the times I am talking to a woman. I love this, and I love the fact that tourism for most of them has meant a second chance in life.

Barbara Rossi

Luxury Expert

A long experience in the luxury travel business, Barbara is the heart and brain behind our bespoke experiences. She is also focused on strengthening our B2B relationships with our travel agent partners.

Mara Dubini

Travel Designer

Mara is a true local expert: she has always lived in Lake Como, plus some time in South America, which she loved. Precise, always polite and sweet, she is the go to person if you have a difficult client!

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